2015 Ford F-150 gets Power Wheels treatment [w/video]

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With the introduction of its forthcoming 2015 F-150, Ford is breaking with convention by shifting from steel-intensive construction to aluminum. But what if it weren't made of metal altogether? What if it were made of plastic instead, and packed an electric motor instead of an internal-combustion engine?

Feast your eyes, boys and girls, on the new Power Wheels F-150. Built by Fisher-Price and licensed by Ford, the third-generation ride-on toy started development nine months before the full-size version debuted at the Detroit Auto Show this past January, and is hitting sidewalks and driveways across the country this September.

The Power Wheels F-150 carries a sticker price of $349.99, and there's a special version at Toys R Us with LED headlamps (just like the real F-150) for an extra $10.

Given that the PowerWheels has a higher retail price than most other licensed items like apparel, video games and memorabilia, it was unsurprising to hear Ford's licensing manager, Mark Bentley, tell Autoblog that the PowerWheels is the Blue Oval's "best-selling, No. 1 revenue generator." No wonder the company takes the ride-on children's toy so seriously.

To see this little guy in action, check out the video below.
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Jun 25, 2014 | Dearborn, Mich.
Ford, Fisher-Price Introduce New Power Wheels F-150

Ford and Fisher-Price took the F-150 in a whole new dimension today, unveiling the Fisher-Price Power Wheels F-150. The ride-on toy, which retails starting at $349.99 beginning in September, was inspired by the 2015 F-150. Ford engineers shared designs nine months before the new truck debuted at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This is the third generation of ride on toys inspired by F-150 models and is expected to be the best-selling merchandise Ford sells. In 2013, Ford generated $2 billion in retail sales with 400 licensing agreements, covering everything from model cars, apparel, pinball machines, pool tables, Mustang cologne and power tools.

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