The group of electric vehicle supporters known as Plug In America (PIA) figures that a grand total of 220,494 plug-in vehicles have been purchased in the US since the modern wave of EVs went on sale in late 2010. Just over a year ago, PIA celebrated the 100,000th EV sold in the US, a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Based on current sales patterns, the next milestone should be reached right around the time of PIA's next big party.

In an email to Plug In America supporters, PIA president Richard Kelly wrote:

Some of you may have noticed that our vehicle sales ticker rolled over 200K. We're having an internal happy dance, but holding back on a more public celebration until we roll over 250K, which should be near National Drive Electric Week.

National Drive Electric Week is the event that will take place in the middle of September and was formerly called National Plug In Day. To get even more events on the calendar this year – 98 were held last year – Who Killed The Electric Car? and Revenge Of The Electric Car director Chris Paine helped put together a "Call For Organizers" video to drum up more support and get more people to organize events in their home town. You can watch the video below, and smile at the image of Paine standing in front of a smoking engine bay.

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