We'll admit we don't understand all of this strange little ad for the Toyota Prius Plug In (our Japanese skills are not what they once were) but that just makes it all the more fascinating. The takeaway point is that a world full of PHEV Priuses will be astonishingly colorful at time and exciting, with food being delivered by a neck plug. Or something like that.

We recommend clicking below and just watching the 60-second spot (and the short making-of video) but if you'd rather read here's what we have figured out: There's some airline-pilot type guy who is visited by who he calls his sister. The voiceover says she's some kind of saleswoman, and she begins to talk up the plug-in Prius alongside the J-Pop group AKB48 Team 8, telling the crowd – including a man in a big, round bird mask – how easy it is to plug in. The old man watching the J-Pop girls tells the woman next to him, "I have their CD." Then we see the original duo back home and the guy says he's hungry before plugging in a blue energy wire. The same wire that then starts charging a Prius. That may not really clarify anything, but there you have it.

Watch for yourself below. At the very least, we won't confuse this ad for one from another automaker.

Toyota Prius Plug-in Information

Toyota Prius Plug-in

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