2014 Red Bull Hare Erzbergrodeo was crazy, beautiful

The Red Bull Erzbergrodeo is four days of motocrossing events that happen on the terraced slopes of the Steirische Erzberg iron ore mine, nicknamed, "The Iron Giant." The lead photo from our post about the coming movie On Any Sunday, whivh looked like a bunch of riders trying to ride through a brown lake, was taken from the race – and it was actually a bunch of riders crossing the brown mine lake.

The marquee event is the Red Bull Hare Scramble, which is a race up the face of the mine. This year's challenge was just 23 kilometers, the 500 riders – whittled from 1,500 entries – given four hours to finish, which only 31 of them could do. Not only is it not easy, it's so hard that in certain places race marshals and spectators have to help riders pull their bikes up the mountain, else they'd never make it. Since the race was first held in 1995, there have only been ten winners, five of them with just a single win - anyone who can win the Hare Scramble even once is usually so good that they'll do it again.

What does victory get the victor? A piece of iron from the mine. That's it. And some amazing highlight reels, which you can watch in the videos below, or there's the full four-hour inferno if you just can't turn away.

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