The tagline for the 1971 film On Any Sunday was "Motorcycle, Sport and the Men Who Ride On Any Sunday." Funded by Steve McQueen and directed by Bruce Brown – he also directed The Endless Summer and his son Dana Brown made Dust to Glory – the film dug into the world of professional and amateur motorcycle racing and was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary.

The next proper installment in the franchise is on the way, with On Any Sunday, the Next Chapter coming to theaters in the fall in 4K Ultra HD. The mission is the same as the 1971 movie, only the cast has changed, with racers like current MotoGP champion Marc Marquez and ex-AMA and GP champion Kenny Roberts, X Games gold medalist Ashley Fiolek, motocrosser Travis Pastrana and supercrosser James "Bubba" Stewart, plus Pikes Peak champion Carlin Dunne among the cast.

You can watch the trailer below, and to get you up to speed we've included the trailer for the 1971 film as well.

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