• McLaren P1 steering wheel

  • McLaren P1 front 3/4

  • McLaren P1 rear 3/4

  • McLaren P1 hybrid drivetrain

  • McLaren P1 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8

There's a lot that's ground-breaking in the McLaren P1, not the least of it being its mind-bending performance. But so is its hybrid powertain. Aside from its Formula One racers, the P1 is the first hybrid McLaren ever made. But it won't be the last.

Speaking with CEO Mike Flewitt, Edmunds reports that McLaren won't reserve its hybrid technology just for its flagship hypercar, but will integrate electric propulsion into every one of its models within ten years' time. In fact, it may even do a fully electric car as well.

Of course that's a long-term vision for a company that's only been in operation (at least in its current form) for about five years. In that time it has launched the 12C, the P1 and the 650S. Soon it will add a new "entry-level" model internally known as P13, tipped to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March, that will be more accessible in terms of price and performance. And it will – sometime within the next ten years – succeed the P1 with a P15 that will cost about half of the six-figure P1. Just what it has in mind for P14, however, remains a big question mark.

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