There is always something a little grotesque when traditionally animated characters are brought into the real world. For example, something about seeing Mickey walk around Disney World just doesn't look quite right, and Nintendo is proving the rule with its latest cross promotion involving Mario and the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class.

Real-life Mario Mercedes-Benz GLA-ClassIn Japan, Mario is starring in a whole advertising campaign for the GLA, including a commercial showing both the traditional 8-bit version (above) and creepy real-world incarnation (right). There's even a terrifying looking, physical Goomba in it. The promotion goes even farther with the Go GLA website that shows off the CUV through the famous first level of Super Mario Bros. with the classic opening tune playing in the background.

According to Kotaku, the GLA will even be a free, downloadable car for Mario Kart 8 in Japan. It's not confirmed yet whether the Mercedes is also coming to the game in the US, though. Scroll down to watch the latest adventure of gaming's favorite plumber riding in his new premium crossover.

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