When you have a garage like Jay Leno's – and let's face it, few in the world do – it would take something truly special to get you to either travel far away from your prized collection, or drive any one car more than the 900 others you've got at your disposal. But the 2015 McLaren P1 is just such a car.

Back in September, Jay became one of the first people in the world outside the company to drive the new hybrid hypercar. And he was also the first customer to take possession of a new P1 in the United States. That was a matter of mere weeks ago, and he's already put on over a thousand miles on the odometer – 880 of those within the first five days, according to the man himself. Which is really saying something, considering all the other cars he has to choose from – among them several other McLaren models, including a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, an MP4-12C and an original McLaren F1.

Watch the video below to see Jay chat with McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt and see what the former talk show host has to say about one of the most capable performance machines he's ever owned – which is to say, one of the most capable performance machines ever made.

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