Tesla abandons 'Model E' trademark

Tesla Motors has famously said it will produce and sell a more affordable all-electric car to help further its goal of changing the gasoline-powered paradigm. While there are certain things we know about that vehicle already – it will come standard with a battery capable of a 200-mile range, cost about $35,000 and be around 20 percent smaller than the Model S – there are some things we don't know. For instance, what it will be called.

The automaker seemed to be leaning towards "Model E" and had trademarked that name. CEO Elon Musk even referred to the future vehicle by that appellation during a relatively recent public appearance in Europe. If you had been looking forward to the prospect of driving something called a Tesla Model E, however, you may need to adjust your expectations. During a perusal of the California company's various trademarks, we noticed that this particular one has been abandoned.

While this rather sadly destroys the possibility of someone ever stocking their garage with Tesla Models S, E, and X, we welcome the decision. Although it might seem a logical choice, as the word electric begins with "E", the letter just doesn't resonate particularly well. The move also raises the possibility of a different type of nomenclature altogether.

For its part, Tesla has confirmed with us that it is "no longer pursuing the Model E trademark." Name-wise, we suspect there is a good chance one has already been decided on and that it will be revealed sometime before the cloth is pulled from the first prototype early next year. Still,if you think you have a good suggestion for them, please let us know in Comments.

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