Tesla Motors appears ready to add a third model to its alphabetic lineup following the Model S and Model X. The company filed for a new US federal trademark registration for "Model E" on August 5th. The filing says next to nothing about what the Model E could be used for, only that it applies to "Automobiles and structural parts therefor" and is "Perfect for these industries: Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water." So, technically, it could be a stylish, expensive plug-in electric car, or maybe even the Hyperloop.

The Tesla Model X crossover EV will be launched in late 2014. It's expected that Tesla will later release smaller, less expensive sedan and crossover EVs – perhaps one of these two will be called the Model E? It could also be a revived Roadster-style sport car. Tesla has been good about teasing the public about its upcoming launches, but has yet to mention the Model E. The trademark process does appear to be moving forward, though it needs to wait for an examiner to give it approval. On August 13, the status of the Model E trademark changed to "New Application – Record Initialized Not Assigned to Examiner." Sounds like progress to us.

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