Google's self-driving car gets better at navigating city streets

Google's autonomous car technology is constantly improving. After thousands of miles of testing, the company claimed that the driverless vehicle was safer than conventional, piloted cars. However, it previously only really worked on highways. Now, the the search engine giant is improving the tech even further to be able to drive on busy city streets.

The latest evolution of the system comes after driving its autonomous car around Mountain View, CA. The software can now detect hundreds of moving objects simultaneously and actually react to them. Google claims that the patterns are actually fairly predictable for the programming. As the car met various situations, the engineers built models of how to react.

Unfortunately, Google's autonomous software is only trained for Mountain View at the moment, and it wants to test the system on more streets there before trying the system in other towns. Still, the company believes that building a fully autonomous car is an achievable goal. Scroll down to see the latest step in this cutting-edge research.

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