BMW i3 configurator is so advanced it's replaced trim levels

BMW's electric i3 is slowly marching its way to dealers. It might not be happening quite fast enough for customers, though. For you anxious individuals, head over to the BMW consumer website and build your ideal i3 in the new configurator.

Before we talk about all the stuff this build tool can do, we need to address the naming of BMW's trim levels for the EV hatchback. The 328i, for example, is available in Sport Line, M Sport Line and Luxury Line. That's good; it makes sense. The i3, though, has Giga World, Tera World and Mega World. Seriously. We've no idea what BMW was thinking when it came up with this (this is the same company that regularly uses the phrase "Sport Activity Vehicle," so...).

Silly names aside, let's try and translate where each trim fits in. The Mega World is the base trim. The Giga, at $1,700, adds stylish leather-and-wool seats in a clean two-tone color scheme, along with 19-inch wheels and a leather-covered IP. The Tera World demands $2,700, but makes up for it with its own 19-inch wheels and a full leather interior. Both lines (worlds?) add satellite radio and eucalyptus wood trim.

Color choices are limited to six, with four metallic items and two non-metallics. Interior colors, meanwhile, are locked into the three trim levels. Each trim has a pair of packages, with the $1,000 Parking Assistant Package adding automatic parking, park distance control and a rear-view camera. For $2,500, i3 buyers can add navigation, adaptive cruise with stop-and-go tech and BMW apps.

Prices for a base, all-electric i3 start at $41,350. The priciest we could build our i3 (with range extender) was to $56,025. which included a optional 20-inch wheels on our Tera World trim ($1,300), a $700 DC fast charging station ($700), heated front seats ($350) and a Harman/Kardon stereo ($800). The i3 is eligible for a $7,500 federal tax incentive, which drops the max total to $48,525. Hop over to BMW's consumer page and have a look at the i3 and its configurator.

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BMW i3

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