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2015 BMW i3 | Beauty-Roll

Sometimes Autoblog likes to just sit back and admire the lines and designs of a new vehicle. Does the styling of this 2015 BMW X6 M meet your tastes? Check out original B-roll of the exterior, interior and under the hood.

BMW I3 Electric Car: TRANSLOGIC 145

We get behind the wheel of BMW's first production electric vehicle, the BMW i3. This groundbreaking car has been years in the making and marks a new electric era for the German automaker. With an eco-friendly design inside and out, the i3 looks to become…

BMW i3 Electric Car World Premiere

German automaker BMW introduced its first electric car, the 2014 BMW i3. The i3 has a base MSRP of $41,350, an estimated electric range of 80-100 miles, and puts out 170 horsepower.