Johammer EV motorcycle promises wild style [w/video] [UPDATE]

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This is the Johammer electric motorcycle, which for at least six years prior to now has been known as the "biiista" - you can still make out that word stamped into the fluted aluminum fairing behind the front footpeg in the image above. We're not sure what's behind the rebranding, but the electro-moto is produced by Austrian company Hammerschmid Maschinenbau with pen work done by Yellow Works design studio.

There are two versions, called J1.150 and J1.200, the former with an 8.3 kilowatt/hour battery and a 150-kilometer (90-mile) range, the latter with a 12.7-kW/h battery and a 200-km (120-mile) range, and with the J1.200 Johammer says it makes the first electric motorcycle that can go that far on a single charge. While the wind-whipped rider looks to be on an easy cruise, it probably took her a while to get to that point: Johammer doesn't give 0-60 mph times, it only gives 30-50 km/h and 30-62 mph times. The 350-pound J1.150 and the 390-pound J1.200 both take four seconds to go from 30-50 mph and eight seconds to go from 30-62 mph.

On the other hand, Johammer is bullish on its technology. On top of that range, the company guarantees that the batteries powering the 11-kilowatt (14.75 horsepower) hub-mounted motor will be maintenance free for the 124,000-mile life of the bike and won't lose more than 15 percent of their capacity in four years.

There are no foot controls, the rider - who sits 25 inches above the ground on a 57-inch wheelbase - handles everything via grips mounted on the mirror stalks. There's no dashboard, either - the displays are integrated into the mirrors. You can get it in five different colors for either 23,000 euro ($31,795 US) or 25,000 euro ($34,556 US), though not in the US as far has we've heard, to date. There's a video below with a few seconds of rolling footage if you need some help imagining your low-riding, future-forward lifestyle.

Update: Asked about US availability, Lucas Geymayer from Johammer wrote to say "We are still building up our national and international dealer network. At the moment, we concentrate our efforts on Europe." Also, the prices before VAT and shipping are 19.200 euros for the The J1.150 costs and 20.900 euros for the J1.120.

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