Earth Day certainly is something to celebrate

When we started AutoblogGreen on Earth Day 2006, we had no idea all of the places that covering the less-wasteful side of the auto industry would take us or how interesting the different eco-mobility strategies from the various automakers would be. Eight years later, we're still engaged with this topic. Now that we're celebrating our bronze anniversary, we're happy to once again look at the big picture and remember why every drop matters.

Not everyone is a fan of setting aside a day to celebrate the natural world, but we still agree with the idea of spending at least 24 hours in this sort of contemplation. The auto industry likes to get into the act as well. This year, the Diesel Technology Forum is promoting clean diesel, Toyota accepted the EPA WasteWise award for the fourth year in a row, General Motors talked about reducing energy intensity by 32 percent at four plants, Chrysler made some big natural gas savings and Nissan said it celebrates Earth Day every day. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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