Drivers With Colorado License Plates Pulled Over And Searched For Pot

Says he's a victim of profiling

A Colorado man was pulled over while on a road trip with his girlfriend just outside Las Vegas, not because he broke any laws, but because his truck carried a Colorado license plate.

David Adkins and his girlfriend Kay Harmon were on their way to California in January when they were pulled over by a Nevada State trooper, KRDO 13 reported. The couple says an undercover officer had been tailing a speeder, but switched on his lights when he saw Adkins' white Chevy Avalanche.

"There was no reason for him to pull us over. Why did he pull us over? Only because we had a Colorado license plate, and he stuck his head in there and started sniffing as soon as he came up to the car," Adkins told KRDO 13.

The officer reportedly asked Adkins if he was tired and said he was swerving, which Adkins says was due to watching the a police officer in his rearview mirror.

The couple claims they were pulled over because police assumed they had pot in their vehicle due to their Colorado plates. The recreational use of marijuana has been legal in Colorado since January. Adkins isn't the first driver to feel he has been profiled by out of state police. One driver is suing an Idaho state trooper after he was pulled over and had his Honda Ridgeline searched for hours based on the smell of pot the officer said was coming from the trunk. No pot was found, according to The Denver Post.

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