McLaren P1 is the new king of flamethrowers [UPDATE]

It may come as no surprise, but the staff of Autoblog is essentially a bunch of kids trapped in grown-up bodies. That means we're fairly easy to please. Give us a fast car or sensational bodywork, and we're pretty happy. Give us a fast car with sensational bodywork that shoots big freaking flames, though, and we'll be utterly mesmerized.

Unsurprisingly, then, this video which shows nothing more than the McLaren P1 and its ability to belch bright blue balls of fire while making a truly glorious noises has had a negative effect on our productivity. We've been quite happy to sit and watch the flame-throwing, 903-horsepower P1 zip around the Yas Marina Formula One course in Abu Dhabi over and over. So, join us in this latest batch of time wasting. Scroll down to watch the full video from Shmee150.

UPDATE: We've added a second video from Shmee150 showing how to put the McLaren P1 in race mode. Head below to check it out.

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