Learn hidden Tesla Model S safety facts from this first responder video

We all know that crashes can happen in a Tesla Model S. What not all of us know is how to approach a smashed vehicle in such a situation. That's where a new video, Emergency Response To Electric Vehicles, with Brock Archer and Ron Moore from Boron Extrication comes in.

The training video, put together with the help of Tesla Motors, does not feature any spectacular crash footage (you can get that here) but does cover things like demystifying the dangers of an EV that has crashed in a puddle of water, the way an EV's body structure could fracture while being cut and the basics of electricity flowing through a circuit. It also discusses a few pertinent questions: How do the two electrical systems (12V low-voltage system and the high-voltage powertrain system) affect first responders trying to cut their way into the passenger cabin? Do first responders know all of the different ways an EV tells you if it is currently receiving a charge when it is plugged in? How can you locate the different types of batteries?

There's lots here that applies to all EVs in the 37-minute video, not just the Model S, so if you want to know more about how safe - or unsafe - they are after an accident, watch the whole thing below.

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