Renault moves all Fluence Z.E. production to Korea

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Carlos Ghosn sort of hinted that this day would come. And the Better Place bankruptcy didn't help either. For a variety of reasons, Renault has stopped making the Fluence Z.E. in Turkey. The car is still alive, but it's no longer Renault's flagship EV sedan.

Renault's Maya Vautier told AutoblogGreen that, "We did stop producing [the Fluence Z.E.] in Bursa, Turkey last November. However, we've concentrated its manufacturing to one plant, in Busan, Korea (where it's sold as SM3 EV), to produce it closer to the Asia-Pacific region, key market for this model."

Vautier said this change will have "very little impact" on the overall work happening in Bursa, since that plant still makes the gas-powered Fluence as well as the Clio, the Symbol and powertrains for other vehicles. It also "doesn't call into question our EV strategy," Vautier said.

Renault has worked hard to make the battery-swap-capable Fluene Z.E. a thing, giving out over 21,000 test drives at the first EV test center in Europe, the company's Z.E. (zero emission) Center in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, near Paris.

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