Wrecked Camaro ZL1 owner getting new car thanks to GM and different dealer

Last week, we told you about the saga of Delaware couple Debbie and John Hooper, who were engaged in a battle with First State Chevrolet over their wrecked 2012 Camaro ZL1. The car was sent to the dealer for a warrantied paint repair, but was wrecked by a joyriding employee that snuck in on a weekend to go for a spin.

First State claimed that as the employee shouldn't have been in the car in the first place, it wasn't liable for the crashed ZL1, although it did try to make things right with the Hoopers by offering them a car with more mileage, modifications, options they didn't want and a rather questionable provenance. This was turned down. The Hoopers wanted a new ZL1 for their troubles.

Now, thanks to a little cooperation from General Motors and Berger Chevrolet, in Grand Rapids, MI, a 2013 Camaro ZL1 is being sent to First State. According to a post on the Camaro5 forums, John Hooper said, "I understand that it will be about two weeks before the insurance check is cut, the old car is paid off, the new car arrives, and a new purchase contract will be signed by my wife and I for the purchase of our new ZL1." Emphasis is his.

There aren't many other specifics on the forums, so we can't say whether it's the dealer's insurance or the Hooper's insurance that are picking up the tab for the wrecked Camaro. As for the newer Camaro, it seems like the Hoopers are being treated like any other purchaser rather than getting special treatment after what they've been through. Whether that's right or not, we'll let you decide. What is clear is that the Hoopers are getting what they wanted - a new ZL1. As car people, we should simply be happy about that.

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