Apparently, the oil companies strip mining Alberta, Canada for its bitumen don't have money for a green-washing PR campaign. Lucky for them, the Harper government is ready to spend $22 million on their behalf this year. We guess the savings that were realized by destroying libraries full of environmental data will come in handy. (Yes, that happened.)

So, if you haven't had the warm & fuzzies about the petroleum extracted from the CO2-intensive tar sands that have created a 7,500-mile ring of elevated mercury levels and created thousands of acres of leaking lakes of toxic tailings, there's still hope you can be won over. The ads are expected to air later this year.

Since there is not yet a clip yet available of what we can expect, we offer up below an amusing satirical version put out last year by Greenpeace Canada in response to previous multi-million dollar ad efforts by the Canadian government.

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