Watch this autonomous BMW M235i drift itself

It's one thing to have autonomous cars. That's fine, having a computer steer you down a boring stretch of arrow-straight freeway while you read a book, text or watch a movie. But when the machines start encroaching on things that make driving fun, we appear to have arrived at a conundrum. That's what makes the M235i that BMW brought to the Consumer Electronics Show so troubling - it's a 2 Series that can drift itself.

Yes, this is a machine that will happily add a dab of oppo for you. On one hand, it's terrifically impressive. On the other, it's a truly terrifying prospect for those who thought motorsports might be man's last refuge from autonomous vehicles. The system uses GPS tech that wouldn't be out of place in guided missiles, as well as advanced sonar to monitor its surroundings, according to a report by Autoweek.

Take a look below for a video of the autonomous M235i get its sideways on.

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