Local Motors' latest project is this adult drift trike

There's always something new and intriguing left sitting on the deck whenever Local Motors news washes over the Autoblog transom. Lest you think the company only deals in wild off-road tackle like the Rally Fighter, 'tis not the case: it sells the SoulArc skateboard and the Laser Bike Lane Light, the crowd-sourced motorcycle design is now for sale. It also just successfully funded the Local Motors Cruiser, a motorized bicycle. This time, we get the spirit of Big Wheels and Green Machines past in a drift trike for adults with the crowd-sourced name Verrado. At the end of the BMX fork up front is a 20-inch mag wheel, at the back are two go-kart wheels wrapped in plastic sleeves for easy oversteer.

Old-school drift trikers will be able to get their Verrado as pictured, ready for all the downhill action they can stand. New-school "flatlanders" can get a Verrado with a 36-volt battery pack mounted between the rear wheels that powers a hub motor for something like an hour of urban fun. We wouldn't mind seeing a True OG version with pedals hung off that front axle, but for now, you can watch the motorized Verrado do some heavy pulling and drifting in the video below.

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