How Soundwaves Could Eventually Replace Windshield Wipers

Sports-car giant McLaren pioneers new technology

Leave it to a British company to improve driving in the rain.

Formula One racing team McLaren has found a new way to streamline their already ridiculously fast cars. It's trying to get rid of the windshield wipers. Chief engineer Frank Stephenson said McLaren is investigating the use of ultrasonic waves to clear windshield of bugs and weather instead of the old clunky rubber blades, according to Apply Geek.

Sound waves measuring 30kHz would be sent across the windshield, creating a force field that would stop anything from touching the glass. The glass would require less cleaning and maintenance while giving the driver a better view of the road. Similar technology is used on jet aircraft today. Such technology might still be far into the future however. Windshield wipers are often required by transportation authorities for a car to be considered roadworthy.

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