This shouldn't come as a shock, but heroin is a very, very bad drug. Doing 15 bags of heroin in one day, therefore, is a catastrophically terrible idea, as one Massachusetts man found out by shooting up and then taking his Volkswagen Golf for a spin.
According to The Berkshire Eagle, 23-year-old Tyler Renton was the subject of several calls to local police after he was seen swerving down the road, crashing into garbage cans and even uprooting a tree when he missed a turn.

When police arrived, Renton couldn't form a sentence, although upon arrival to a hospital, he told medical personnel that it was the "best day of life" and that the only possible way it could get better would be if he were "riding a 12-point unicorn." When advised he should consider a methadone program, Renton said, "I will never do methadone. Meth is for quitters." Right.

Renton was charged with drugged driving as a subsequent offense, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of a property damage accident and a marked lanes violation, according to the report.

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