There will be no Summertime Blues for the Daimler-BYD electric-vehicle collaboration in 2014. The two companies are still on track to start sales of the Denza EV in China next summer, according to Automotive News. Denza will unveil the production version of the car at next April's Beijing Motor Show.

The first Denza dealership will open in Beijing, followed by stores in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Earlier this year, Daimler and BYD reached an agreement for the Denza to be sold through Zhongsheng Group Holdings, which is one of China's largest dealer groups. Details of the model, including estimated price and single-charge range, have not yet been made available.

Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, wants to use Denza to gain ground on German competitors BMW and Audi in the Chinese auto market, and recently acquired 12 percent of Beijing Automotive. The Denza concept was first unveiled at last April's Shanghai Motor Show. It is built on the platform of the first-generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class. Daimler and BYD first said they would start working together on an all-electric sub-brand in 2010 and officially named the Denza in March 2012. Nissan and General Motors are among other non-China automakers looking to make their mark in China through new electric vehicles.

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