Baja 1000 racer Adrian Cenni put on a show at the pre-race "contingency" in Ensenada, Mexico, performing what is claimed to be the first 360-degree barrel roll in front of a live audience - he isn't called "The Wildman" for nothing. But the claim isn't true, as Rob Dyrdek did a barrel roll in a Chevrolet Sonic, and a few others have completed the difficult stunt over the years. Perhaps this is the first 360-degree barrel roll in a truck...

The launch ramp was specially designed for barrel rolls, and it functions in two stages: the first part of the ramp launches the truck, while the second part – only on the left side – is there to initiate the barrel roll when the truck is midair. We imagine the stunt required extreme precision from Cenni, and we're just glad he pulled it off without injuring himself or the precariously close spectators - especially so soon after the fatal monster truck accident in Chihuahua, Mexico last month.

Head on below to watch the video, and pay attention to the launch to see how Cenni launches off the ramp.

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