How to kickflip your Chevy Sonic like a skateboard

We can now safely say Rob Dyrdek is officially the first man on Earth to successfully kickflip a Chevrolet Sonic. The kickflip is, in effect, a barrel roll, wherein a skateboard performs a complete heels-to-Jesus 360. That's challenging enough when it's just your two legs standing between you and success. Throw in the mass of a B-segment hatchback and a whole separate set of challenges await. Chevrolet set up two corkscrew ramps for the stunt, and Dyrdek managed to vault the Sonic over a novelty-sized skateboard before crashing back down to Earth.

The video after the jump is brief, but entertaining in its own right. We're less impressed by the rotation of the Sonic than we are the spectrum of emotion that splays across Dyrdek's face – the latter of which we can't help but say reminds us of Jeff Daniels' facial contortions in Dumb and Dumber. Hit the jump to check out the hilarity for yourself.

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