Chevy brings Bumblebee, new Transformers 4 Corvette and Sonic to SEMA

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Michael Bay may not have been around to pull the sheets (though he did beam a recorded message of thanks to the crowd), but three of the automotive stars of his upcoming Transformers 4 blockbuster were shown in Las Vegas tonight, just ahead of SEMA's opening day tomorrow. As you'd expect, all were wearing the Chevrolet bow tie, too.

Headlining the group of three cars was, of course, the newest imagining of the Bumblebee Camaro. We've seen pictures of this very car on Bay's own website already, and we'll admit that the concept looked almost as good in the metal as it did in the original, artfully produced glamor shots. A thin strip of black connecting two narrow headlights is all that that remains of the stock 2014 Camaro grille, while gigantic louvers accent the yellow and black hood. Detailing like the oddly placed gas cap (in front of the B-pillar) and one-dimensional taillights might not stand up to close scrutiny, but overall Bumblebee looks clean and mean.

Of course, the leading-man Camaro wasn't the only Transformer to take the stage tonight. A massively winged Corvette Stingray was hard to miss in vivid green paint with black graphics, though the identity of the car in the movie is still unknown. (Based on the sinister color scheme we're betting that it bats for the Decepticon team.) A rally-prepped Sonic RS was the third member of the class, complete with a huge rear wing of its own, unsubtle Royal Purple branding and a heaping helping of staged road grime. The Sonic (which could turn out to be Transfomer Skidz or Mudflap if rumors hold true) was also the only car with an accessible interior; as you can see the cabin looks straight from a rally stage, too.

Stay tuned for a whole lot more from Chevrolet and SEMA, as our coverage continues from Vegas this week.

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