General Motors is happy with the number of Chevrolet Spark electric vehicles it has sold so far. The US automaker's sales of the Spark EV are "way over" what GM originally targeted, Plug In Cars has learned, citing Chevrolet executive Dale Sullivan. Since GM's final tally for October Spark EV sales was 87, the year-to-date total for the little EV is 397.

Sullivan told Plug In Cars that sales are, "way over our expectation," and that, "Keeping a good quantity in stock is the biggest problem we have." Perhaps more important, the all-electric is serving its role as a 'hey-look-at-me!' vehicle just fine, "It is getting us our Millennial buyers that we really wanted in Chevrolet, and just like Volt, it gets us conquest buyers," Sullivan said.

Made in South Korea and sold only in California and Oregon, the Spark EV sells at a $26,685 base price before state and federal incentives kick in. The model has an electric motor that delivers 140 horsepower as well as a battery that provides an 82-mile single-charge range, about seven miles more than the Nissan Leaf. Meanwhile, Chevy is working on adding a quick-charge option that will add about $1,500 to the price. US sales began in June.

We will post overall US green car sales numbers for October later today, though Chevrolet has already reported that sales of its extended-range plug-in Volt were down 32 percent from a year earlier to 2,022. While you're waiting, you can read Autoblog's "First Drive" impressions of the Spark EV here.

Chevrolet Spark EV Information

Chevrolet Spark EV

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