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Why some people still buy Fisker Karmas

Some people get socks, ties or cakes for their birthdays. Others get Fisker Karmas. They're a little different from the rest of us. Green Car Reports managed to track down two Georgia residents who recently threw a bit of caution to the wind and bought two new Fiskers despite the fact that the California-maker of extended-range plug-ins is in trouble and hasn't produced a car since the summer of 2012.

One buyer, who said she made the Fisker purchase as a birthday present to herself, cited the car's "elegance" and "beauty." And while the car's technical glitches include its touchscreen occasionally freezing up, the owner said the car's looks were enough to literally stop traffic.

The other owner, whose wife bought him the car for his birthday, also loved the car's styling, though he also noted that the price on the car was about $38,000 less than the $106,000 base price, so that could've been a deciding factor. And while he noted that the car usually goes about 25 miles on electricity before the on-board gas-powered generator kicks in, both owners made a bigger deal about the possibility of owning a collector's item than the car's fuel efficiency. You can read more over on Green Car Reports.

The US Department of Energy, which held an auction for the automaker's loan from the federal government earlier this month, reportedly choose an investment group led by Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li. Fisker owes the Energy Department about $168 million.

Fisker Karma Information

Fisker Karma

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