Hudway turns your iOS device into a heads-up display

Smartphones can enhance driving by acting as GPS systems, but Hudway takes the concept to the next level with its app, which turns any device running iOS (and in February 2014, Android) into a heads-up display that can be viewed on your windshield in low-visibility and low-light situations.

All that you have to do, once you buy the app and install it on your device, is program the route (must have an internet connection), set it on your dashboard facing up and then start driving. The image on the screen reflects on the windshield, showing you the route ahead, and once you're on your way, Hudway says an internet connection isn't required.

Unfortunately, if your dashboard can't hold your device still, you'll have to invest in some sort of anchor to keep it from sliding around, like the rally driver did in the video we included. Watch that video below along with another promotional video to see Hudway in action.

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