Aston Martin CC100 Concept experienced by Jay Leno

It must be nice to be Jay Leno. Not only does he get to host his own late-night television show, hanging out with a veritable who's who of Hollywood (and everywhere else, really), he also gets to be one of the first people to drive many of the coolest automobiles ever created. As if you need further proof of Jay's good fortune, he recently scored some seat time in the Aston Martin CC100 Concept.

Fortunately for the rest of us, Jay was kind enough to capture the CC100 experience on video, and you're encouraged to watch it for yourself below. He also took a long look at the marque's Vanquish Volante, and he had a nice talk with Dr. Ulrich Bez, head of Aston Martin. All in a day's work, eh? Scroll down to watch the video below.

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