We're still recovering from the jetlag incurred on a trip to South Korea last week, where a cordial group at Hyundai showed us, among other things, the nearly completed 2015 Hyundai Genesis. There is still a bit of time stretching between now and when we're allowed to bring you our First Drive of the second-generation Genesis prototype, but we have been cleared to break off news of two heretofore unheard of features that will debut on the premium sedan.

The first, and arguably most interesting of the two, is a carbon dioxide sensor inside the cabin of the Genesis. The goal of the sensor is to measure CO2 outputted by the cars' human occupants (not the CO2 coming out of the tailpipe, which shouldn't make it into the cabin), as Hyundai tells us that high levels of the stuff help to increase occurrences of drowsiness while driving.

Conceived of by a Hyundai engineer who struggled with staying alert during his long commute home from Namyang, the system detects when in-cabin CO2 levels rise above 2,500 parts per million, then vents the compartment via the HVAC system when that threshold is reached. The CO2 venting system may be turned off, should a driver not want the cabin filled with fresh air – we're guessing this might be a good thing on really cold days.

Hyundai will also be offering a hands-free Smart Trunk in the 2015 Genesis. Unlike similar systems that require some kind of motion from the key-holder to be activated ­– Ford's foot-activated, hands-free liftgate was referenced by Hyundai ­– the Genesis will require that the user only have the key fob in their pocket, and stand next to the truck for three seconds. In a demonstration we saw the system work perfectly; our tester approached the trunk with key in pocket, the Genesis beeped three times to indicate he had been recognized and then popped open. Surely grocery store runs will never be so languorous ever again.

As we said, you can expect our full review of the box-fresh, second-generation Hyundai Genesis just as soon as the embargo lifts.

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