Are you ready for automatic drive-through gas fill-ups?

The gigantic step between filling up your own gas tank and letting a machine do it for you has been a long time coming, but a cooperative effort between Husky and Fuelmatics has finally produced an automatic fuel-filling robot. The technology was demonstrated at the 2013 Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) convention in Atlanta.

After the robot locates the fuel filler cap and uses a suction cup to open it, the machine then inserts one of three nozzles into the vehicle's fuel neck through a capless insert (which is becoming more common in modern vehicles) and begins fueling. Once the tank is topped off, fueling stops via a vacuum-based shutoff system. Pump time is reduced by 30 percent using the robot, according to Husky.

"We feel this will be a great product for the future," says Peter Ward of Glasgow Equipment Services, a former president of PEI. But don't take his (or our) word for it, watch the auto pump for yourself in the video we included below. Then feel free to post your opinion in Comments.

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