The number "34,000" may not represent an obvious choice for a numerical threshold, but when Renault and sister company Nissan is preaching the gospel of electric-vehicle transportation, it's as good a milestone as any. France-based Renault has sold its 34,000th EV since sales of its Kangoo Z.E. electric van began in Europe in late 2011, Electric Vehicle News reports. Since that time, Renault has sold about 11,400 Twizy two-seater EVs and 11,000 Kangoo EVs as well as smaller numbers of Zoe mini EVs and Fluence Z.E. electric vehicles. In all, Renault accounts for almost half of Europe's EV market.

The milestone follows up Renault and Nissan's announcement in July that the two companies have sold a combined 100,000 EVs worldwide since the Nissan Leaf began sales in the US in 2010. As of that point, Nissan had accounted for 71,000 EVs sold. Additionally, the companies said at the time that their EVs had racked up 5.2 million miles and cut petroleum use by 14 million gallons combined.

Despite what had been disappointing sales of Renault EVs up to that point, Renault-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn said in March that the companies would continue their commitment to EV models and that the perception of EVs had changed for the better because of models such as the Leaf and Zoe.

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