ZBoard hoverboard specsKnow what today is? It's two years from the time when Jaws 19 is supposed to hit cinema screens around the country. If that doesn't happen (and, looking at IMDB, we're not that hopeful), at least we can ride a hoverboard, the way that Marty McFly does in the classic sequel.

Or, well, maybe not really. But, you can ride a skateboard that looks like said hoverboard. And it's electric with a top speed of 18 miles per hour, a range of 20 miles and it takes around six hours to recharge.

The board is being offered by ZBoard and it's just a reskinned version of the company's San Francisco Special. The pretty paint job is part of an IndieGoGo campaign that starts, well, today, and will have a number of rewards. The main item(s), though, is the actual electric skateboard, which costs $1,500 and is limited to 25 copies. Profits from the campaign will go to the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson's Research and you can purchase the "hoverboard" here. There's a video showcasing the hoverboard* below, but note this minor NSFW warning.

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