Motorcyclist tempts fate riding through Colorado floods, loses

Floods, besides being remarkably destructive natural disasters, are dangerous simply because most people don't realize how treacherous an overabundance of water can be.

One of the many fun facts that can make the difference between life and death is being aware of the amount of flowing water takes to wipe someone off their feet – as little as six inches. We found this out by looking on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's website. The rider above clearly did not read the same bit of helpful information. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't have attempted to traverse the flood-strewn areas on his motorcycle (maybe he'd have gotten a hovercraft, like these three idiots).

The video, which comes from disaster-stricken, flood-strewn Boulder, Colorado, shows what appears to be some of the area's seriously washed-out roads. That doesn't stop our would-be hero, though. Take a look below to see just how dangerous and fast-moving floodwaters can be, and see how this poor fool is lucky to have only learned a tough lesson. If you're equally impatient, feel free to fast-forward the video to about 45 seconds in.

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