Diehard fans of the 1992 Nicolas Cage-starring flick "Honeymoon in Vegas" (we know you're out there) will remember a skydiving escapade involving a bunch of rhinestone jumpsuits and the Flying Elvises, Utah Chapter. It was a memorable scene. Lord Paul Drayson is looking to put his own high-speed stamp on the Beehive State with his Drayson B12 69/EV Le Mans prototype electric vehicle.

Drayson is taking his car to the state's legendarily vast Bonneville Salt Flats for the Bonneville Speed Shootout, which runs through September 18. Hybrid Cars reports that Drayson is trying to beat his own FIA World Electric Land Speed Record of 204.2 miles per hour. That record for sub-1,000-kg (2,200 lbs) vehicles was set in late June in the UK, but Drayson says the green machine could've gone faster had it had more space to roam. That won't be a problem at Bonneville.

Drayson's June run beat the previous 39-year-old high-speed EV record by 29 mph. The EV racer has a 30-kWh battery and delivers a stunning 850 horsepower. This time out, Drayson is using supporter Qualcomm's wireless inductive recharging system. Just not while going north of 200 mph, obviously.

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