2014 Dacia Duster furthers our admiration from afar [w/video]

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Despite riding on a unibody and being more of a softroader than a proper 4x4, the Dacia Duster has always sort of reminded us of the Nissan XTerra. In other words, it's basic, hard-wearing, handsome and affordable in a really compelling way. In the US market, that hasn't worked out to big sales for the Nissan, but globally that formula has chalked up some big sales – 400,000 units in 3 years – for Renault's Romanian bargain brand. In fact, it's worked so well that Nissan has cribbed a version of the Duster for itself, badging it as the Terrano.

For us at least, the Duster/XTerra parallels continue with this new facelifted version just unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, thanks largely to its new look. Not only does it gain a new roof rack that reminds us of the Nissan, it also has so-called "double-optic" headlamps that vaguely remind us of the facelifted first-generation Xterra that bowed in 2002. All-in, the new model looks a bit more upscale than its predecessor, but not in a way that detracts from its rugged honesty.

Headlining changes for the Dacia Duster include a new 1.2-liter turbocharged gasoline four-cylinder engine and an updated interior with a new dashboard and center console. In addition, there's new available equipment including Bluetooth and a navigation system, along with additional standard features like electronic stability control (hey, we told you it was basic, right?). All that for a starting price of under $14,000. Our crush on this affordable overseas ute continues. For all the details, view our gallery above and check out the press release and Dacia's walk-around video, below.
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Monday 9th September 2013


The New Dacia Duster, for European left hand drive markets, has been upgraded to underline its go-anywhere style, while the interior has been completely redesigned with a new dashboard and new upholsteries.

New Dacia Duster features more equipment and better value for the same price, with the following new equipment and features: Dacia Media Nav, cruise control/speed limiter, rear park assist, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) fitted as standard on Euro 5 versions, even higher quality, new styling, and improved modularity. All for the unchanged starting price of €10,490[1].

The new TCe 125 petrol engine significantly reduces the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of New Dacia Duster, with just 140g/km

New Dacia Duster retains all the qualities behind the success of Duster, including impressive versatility and off-road abilities for the 4x4 version, as well as unrivalled spaciousness for money.
New Dacia Duster comes with a three-year/60,000 mile warranty, as do all the vehicles in the Dacia range.

Note: these changes apply only to left hand drive, European markets. Right hand drive models already have the revised interior and are unaffected by the other changes


Upgrade outside, revolution inside
The upgraded New Dacia Duster builds on the styling features which have contributed to its phenomenal success, while taking on more emphatic 4x4 design cues.

Emphatic 4x4 looks

The front end has been upgraded, with a redesigned grille, adorned by two chrome-plated strips and housing a new, lower-set air intake and new double-optic headlights with daytime running lights.

The upgrades underscore the car's on-road stance and robust, "go-anywhere" character.

"We built on the appeal of the original model and its proportions. Identity components such as the grille have been modernised. We have also strengthened the 4x4 cues of the vehicle, while keeping all its useful features. New Duster gets an even stronger character while retaining its initial DNA."

David Durand, Head of Styling for the Entry range

New Duster-badged roof bars with slatted supports underline the car's SUV character, while new 16-inch 'Anthracite' Metal" alloy wheels and "Mud and Snow" tyres revitalise the profile of New Dacia Duster.

At the rear, new lights echo the styling cues of the front end, notably though the use of chrome. A chrome-plated tailpipe and new "4WD" lettering round out the exterior styling changes and further boost the car's personality.

Big changes inside

The interior design of New Dacia Duster has been significantly upgraded to deliver on the promise of its exterior styling even more. It eschews family hatchback cues to wholeheartedly embrace the world of SUVs.

The new, entirely redesigned dashboard features a centre-mounted console with improved integration underline the robust feel of the whole interior.

Moving further upmarket, New Dacia Duster comes with four new upholstery choices, including leather. Comfort has been enhanced through new-design seats and a reinforced rear bench seat back. The darker cabin colours emphasise the strong character of New Dacia Duster and its sound 4x4 credentials.

Inside and out, New Dacia Duster reasserts its go-anywhere style.

To underscore the design and abilities of New Duster, Dacia offers customers extensive personalisation possibilities through a comprehensive range of accessories.

Stronger 4x4 styling

Two special packs are available to further emphasise the outdoor look of New Dacia Duster and express all of its personality. The "Adventure" pack, for example, includes extended wheelarches and door-sill protectors.

Accessories that make everyday life easier

New protection components inside New Dacia Duster extend the vehicle's leisure possibilities, with a range of protective mats for trunk and cabin, a luggage protection grille between the trunk and the back seats, and seat covers. Additional equipment includes longitudinal roof bars, supporting up to 100 kg, and a loading tray.

Comfort and peace of mind

For even more comfort and peace of mind, New Dacia Duster is now available with front parking sensors, adding to an already comprehensive range of safety accessories that includes a fire extinguisher kit, an anti-theft system, snow chains and a child seat.

New equipment and enhanced features, all at Dacia prices
New Duster comes with new equipment and features, all at classic Dacia prices.

The upgraded model gets multimedia technology and even more practical customer features.

Multimedia comes on board

- Dacia Media Nav, a complete multimedia system including Bluetooth connectivity and sat nav, is now available on New Dacia Duster (depending on the trim level).


- Dacia Plug&Radio, the essential multimedia system, is a simple and effective piece of technology comprising a radio, an MP3-compatible CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, and integrated jack and USB sockets.

Useful equipment in a well-thought out interior

New Dacia Duster features new, useful equipment, including cruise control, speed limiter, rear parking sensors (on some versions), automatic door locking, and an exterior temperature display.

The electric window controls, now located on the doors, are equipped with one-touch mode on the driver's side.

New Dacia Duster has even more cabin space and trunk volume, the latter measuring 475 litres[2] (depending on the version). The new model can carry objects of up to 2.70 metres long with the rear bench folded down and boasts as much as 3.3 litres of extra interior storage space. A new removable, luggage shelf offers easy access to the contents of the boot and helps to better organise storage.

New active safety equipment...

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is fitted as standard on New Dacia Duster (Euro 5 models). The system keeps the vehicle on course in the toughest conditions, when avoiding obstacles, losing grip in bends and driving on slippery surfaces. Also fitted as standard, Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) rounds out the ABS anti-lock braking system.

...and passive safety equipment

To bring all occupants excellent safety, New Dacia Duster is equipped (from the first Euro 5 trim level) with front driver and passenger airbags, as well as side head-and-chest airbags.

Drivers and front-seat passengers having forgotten to buckle up are alerted by a visual and audible signal (Euro 5 versions).

The back seats are fitted with Isofix anchor points for the simple and safe attachment of baby and child seats.

New Dacia Duster comes with a cruise control and a speed limiter (depending on the version), controlled via the central fascia (system activation) and steering wheel (speed setting).

Engine range extended for extra versatility and performance
New TCe 125 petrol engine

The TCe 125 petrol engine is making its debut on New Dacia Duster.

The TCe 125, a four-cylinder 1.2 litre direct-injection turbo, offers 90% of maximum torque from just 1,500 rpm. The new powerplant is high-performance and economical, with low running costs. Fuel consumption is a frugal 140g/km, while the lifetime-lasting timing belt is maintenance-free.

The other engines

The 105hp, 16V 1.6 litre engine still powers 4x2 and 4x4 models and in some countries is available in a petrol-CNG version for lower running costs. New Dacia Duster is available with two versions of the 1.5 dCi powerplant, with 90hp or 110hp.

Reduced fuel consumption with the Eco Mode function and Gear Shift Indicator

Eco Mode (available on some versions) helps drivers to reduce their fuel consumption. When activated, the system locks in to specific driving settings that limit engine performance and thermal comfort in respect of acceptable comfort levels for drivers and passengers.

The Gear Shift Indicator (GSI) uses visual signals to inform drivers of the best moment to shift up or down to reduce fuel consumption and, in turn, CO2 emissions.

Acoustic comfort

The acoustics on New Dacia Duster have been significantly improved. Driving comfort is enhanced by better cabin soundproofing, with considerable work having gone in to reducing road, wind and engine noise.

A hardworking compact SUV
Perfectly sized

New Dacia Duster retains the same compact body proportions – 4.31 m long and 2 m wide[3] – for impressive agility. Sitting high up, drivers get excellent visibility and can see obstacles coming, making for optimum safety.

A real off-roader
New Dacia Duster is ideal for off-road and tracks use with its reinforced underbody, high ground clearance and off-roader approach angles.

Dacia invented a new relationship with the automobile and shook up the established order. As a result, cash-conscious customers can now afford a new vehicle. The brand's buyers benefit from maximum peace of mind as Dacia cars boast renowned reliability and easy maintenance.

Renowned reliability
The high standards and expertise of the Renault group

Dacia benefits from the Renault group's expertise in quality and uses the reinforced processes and standards of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. New Dacia Duster is produced at the Pitesti plant in Romania.

The Pitesti plant, like all the Group's manufacturing sites, subscribes to the Renault Production Way, rolled out to ensure top-quality manufacturing through the strict application of production standards.

Dacia benefits from the reliability of Alliance engines, among them the 1.5 dCi, which is the best-selling engine with over one million units sold in 2012. New Dacia Duster also draws on all Nissan's experience in 4x4 vehicles, notably with the transfer box and the diff-lock rear axle.

In a survey carried out with 29,000 customers in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy, Dacia was rated as the most reliable brand in 2012.

In the last four years, the Dacia brand has won the Wertmeister award for several of its models. The prize, awarded by the German magazine Autobild, goes to the vehicles with the best residual values.

Peace of mind in use
The manufacturer's 3-year/60,000 mile warranty comes with all the models in the range. The warranty includes service in any dealership in the network and top-level repairs with original parts.

And for even more peace of mind, Dacia also offers warranty extension contracts.


The Duster adventure
Dacia Duster is an immense success, having sold over 400,000 units in a little over three years. Duster was one of the top ten best-selling cars in France in 2012. It has enhanced the image of the brand and helped it to win over new customers.

The success of Duster owes to more than mere affordability. The car has triumphed because of its intrinsic qualities. The first of those qualities is its design, which clearly denotes the world of SUVs.

Duster is also an impressive off-road performer, as shown in its results in high-profile races including Trophée Andros, Pikes Peak and the Gazelles Rally.

Duster scores high on everyday practicality. It has a roomy cabin, a host of storage spaces and a huge boot.

It also has very low running costs, with low fuel consumption thanks to Alliance engines (including a CNG model), and a reduced-cost servicing program, thanks to Dacia's special after-sales offers.

And the adventure can now continue with the all-new version of Dacia Duster.

"Duster first of all is an excellent design, admired across the board. More than 400,000 customers now drive a Duster, an impressive achievement for a car launched just a little over three years ago. They were won over by its styling, its off-road abilities and its unbeatable price. More Duster than ever, New Duster is on its way to becoming a real motoring legend."

Renaud Pirel, Head of Styling for the Entry range

The Dacia story
Dacia has proved a major sales success with over 2.4 million vehicles registered so far in Europe and the Mediterranean countries. Armed with an entirely renewed range – the youngest in Europe – Dacia continues to develop, having moved into six new countries in 2013: the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Cyprus and Malta.

Dacia also has a large community of customers who are more than happy with their vehicles. The fifth 'Dacia picnic' in France this year set a new participation record with 15,000 people alone.

A Dacia community has formed across France through a network of brand partnerships most of all in the social networks, with more than 800,000 fans on the Dacia World Facebook page and a Dacia Facebook page in 21 countries.

"With an 18% year-on-year increase in registrations in first-half 2013 in Europe, Dacia posted the most significant progress in what is a lacklustre market. New Duster rounds out an entirely renewed range, the youngest in Europe and the Euromed region. Dacia is moving swiftly ahead with its success story."

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