Corvette Z06 to be renamed Z07, come with twin-turbo V8?

2014-chevy-corvette-c7 - 01
2014-chevy-corvette-c7 - 01
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According to a report in Car and Driver, the new C7 Corvette version of the Corvette Z06 will pick up practically where the ZR1 left off. First, they predict it will graduate to being called the Z07; if so, it will be the next General Motors Regular Production Code (RPO), like Z28 and, yes, Z06, to become a model name.

And if you thought a hybrid Corvette was a sharp point of discussion, how about a production version of the small-block V8 with a displacement of "significantly less than 6.2 liters" aided by twin-turbos? That's what CD believes will rest under the hood of the Z07, citing the ever-present concern for fuel economy and the fact that bitumen burners from Cadillac have given up supercharging for turbocharging. The horsepower number is predicted to be an even 600, which would be a 95-hp jump over the current Z06 and just 38 less than the late, great ZR1. Helping to keep control of all that truculent muscle will be larger tires encircling carbon-ceramic stoppers, but CD is mum on other specific changes.

The mooted price: $100,000. This might be the most fabulous new spec of all, seeing as it would represent a $24,400 increase over the Z06 and just a $12,600 undercut of the ZR1. Compare and contrast: in 2001, the first year of the Z06, the MSRP of a 350-hp Corvette coupe was $40,725, the MSRP of the 385-horsepower Z06 was $48,500; if CD is correct, the 2014 Corvette's sea level will be established by the 455-hp Stingray that costs $51,995 and in 2015 we'll be staring down the twin, forced-induction barrels of a 600-hp, twin-turbo Z07 that starts at six figures and that could still be leaving room for a new ZR1 late in the model's lifetime.

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