We don't know if or when the BioMotion Alux electric-vehicle concept will see the light of day or, if it does, how much it will cost or how far it will be able to go on a single charge. But we do know it looks pretty good. BioMotion beat out about 100 other entrants in an EV concept car contest and is promoting what it says will be an "affordable" EV, Car Advice reports. The Alux is a five-door hatchback whose design apparently draws "inspiration" from forests, rocks and caves. We're not sure how the five-spoke wheels tie into the nature theme, but they are sporty. According to Car Advice, the designers say, "We decided to have a car to represent Mexico in the alternative energy automotive industry with an attractive, modern, functional and viable for manufacturing and marketing vehicle."

This isn't the first electric vehicle project in Mexico. There's the Nissan Leaf electric taxi project in Mexico City and, earlier this year, the 535-horsepower SRI EV1 drove in the National Off Road Racing Association's (NORRA) General Tire Mexican 1000. Check out a two-minute video of the Alux below.

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