The first electric vehicle ever to compete in National Off Road Racing Association's (NORRA) General Tire Mexican 1000 completed five of the race's nine stages while averaging a faster speed that its team expected earlier this month, Plug In Cars says.

The 535-horsepower SRI EV1 never broke down and cost a fraction to operate ($24 per 100 miles vs. $420 for conventional entrants) compared to the gas-powered competitors. The vehicle was built by SRI, SRD and EV West, who say that it houses 82 kilowatt hours of power, or enough battery power to supply an average American home for a week. The battery requires 4.5 hours for a full recharge. SRI, SRD and EV West revealed specs of the SRI EV1 last month.

The team said that it'd take another $250,000 in extra battery sets, generators and other equipment to allow for a battery swapping, which would be the scenario that would let the SRI EV1 to compete fully in the 1,200-mile Baja 1000. We look forward to what happens at next year's event.

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