Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz steps down, Bernhard Koehler steps in

The position of CEO of Fisker has once changed hands. In early 2012, company co-founder Henrik Fisker stepped down and Tom LaSorda took the position. LaSorda gave it up in August of that year to former Chevy Volt honcho Tony Posawatz. It's now twelve months later, and Posawatz is reportedly leaving for, we assume, greener pastures. Taking his place will be company co-founder Bernhard Koehler.

When Henrik Fisker left the company altogether in March, the company said his "departure is not expected to impact the Company's pursuit of strategic partnerships and financing to support Fisker Automotive's continued progress." Around the same time, Posawatz was asking investors to be patient, saying they were investing in more than a car. Those positive spins haven't stopped Fisker's problems from continuing – it hasn't built a car in over a year – and we recently heard that German investment group Fritz Nols AG was bidding just $25 million for all of Fisker.

News of Posawatz's departure comes from an unconfirmed report originally from Jalopnik, which said the issue was money. The Fisker website and Posawatz's LinkedIn profile still list him at CEO, and AutoblogGreen's phone calls and emails to the company and its PR agency have not yet been returned to confirm or deny the news.

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