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It's no secret that Jaguar is working on a fixed-roof version of the F-Type roadster, but now it looks like it's also developing a high-performance model for said coupe. Captured sharpening its claws at the Nürburgring, this F-Type Coupe prototype could very well be an R-S or even a more track-ready R-S GT variant.

Our biggest clue suggesting the latter are its massive brake rotors with bright-yellow calipers – similar pieces are also found on the recently introduced XKR-S GT. This would make sense, since a report in May said that Jaguar is looking to create a full line of R-S GT models in a similar fashion as the Mercedes-Benz AMG Black Series. Missing from this prototype, though, are the telltale aero add-ons we saw on the XKR-S GT – go-faster bits like the latter's front fascia winglets and rear wing, though this model is obviously still being developed. Regardless of what this new grippier, quicker kitty is called, we say "Yes, please."

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