Jaguar to expand R-S GT range

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We're not sure what's gotten into Jaguar recently, but we really like it. After adding the R-S designation to high-performance versions of the XK and XF, the British automaker upped its own performance abilities even more by unveiling the XKR-S GT earlier this year at the New York Auto Show. Now, Edmunds is reporting that Jaguar is looking to create an entire R-S GT line of vehicles in a similar fashion as the Mercedes-Benz AMG Black Series, which could include the XF and F-Type.

Speaking with Jaguar's design studio director, Wayne Burgess, Edmunds says that all R-S GT models will be hand-built, limited-production vehicles. In the case of the XKR-S GT, Jaguar said that it would bring 30 units to the US, but more recent reports indicate that it might actually bring 50. In other Jaguar news, the badges that come on the sport R-S cars had to be redesigned due to a dispute with Audi, and moving forward, this new badge will be used on all R-S and R-S GT models.

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