If you dig the new Stingray but miss the old ZR1, then Callaway might have just the ticket. The Corvette tuner extraordinaire has teased that it's got a supercharger kit on its way for the latest C7 that could make up the difference and then some.

While the 6.2-liter LS3 V8 in the previous-generation C6 Corvette packed 430 horsepower in base form, the new LT1 in the Stingray displaces the same but comes standard with 455 hp. So Callaway has got 25 fewer horses to make up in supercharging the C7 up to the ZR1's 638 hp. That's still a lot of power to get out of an aftermarket supercharger, so we'll see how close Callaway can get it. We may find out as early as this weekend as Reeves and company head to Corvettes at Carlisle in Pennsylvania. But that hood image looks promising.

Of course this will be far from Callaway's first Corvette tuning job – and it won't even be its first stab at the new Stingray: it's already working on a C7 GT3 race car, and previously revealed plans to turn the latest Vette into a shooting brake called the AeroWagon.

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