Woman Lied About Dying Father To Avoid Speeding Ticket, Later Arrested

The truth will set you free, especially when you're stopped by a traffic cop. Too bad Carley Williams didn't keep that in mind when she was pulled over going 82-mph in a 65-mph zone. The 28-year-old New Hampshire woman told the officer that she was in a rush to get to her dying father's side. WMUR 5 News reported that the officer let Williams go with a warning. After following up on her suspicious sob story, he found that Williams' father had already died in 2008.

Confronted at her home, Williams tried to continue the deception, but eventually had to admit that her father had, indeed, died five years earlier. Police also discovered that she was driving on a suspended license. Had Williams been honest, she would have gotten away with a $200 fine for the speeding. Now she will face a whole new set of charges at her day in court in September.

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