Chevy Trailblazer headed for US in 2014?

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After killing off the previous Chevrolet Trailblazer back in 2009, General Motors continues to sell a new-for-2013 version of its midsize, body-on-frame SUV in foreign markets including Thailand and Brazil. Using an unnamed source, Edmunds is reporting that GM is looking at bringing this second-generation Trailblazer to the US, although an official statement from the automaker suggests otherwise, a stance that echoes what the company said when it revealed the truck back in 2012.

The article states that the current Trailblazer could go on sale here as early as next year, retaining its seven-passenger, rear-wheel-drive layout, but a Chevrolet spokesperson quoted in the story maintains that there are "no plans" to add another utility vehicle. If added to the lineup, the Trailblazer would give Chevy five crossovers and SUVs. One aspect that could make it an easier decision for GM is the fact that the Trailblazer is built on the same platform as the next-gen Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups, models that will be built in the US. Only time will tell if GM plans to bring its global Trailblazer to our market, but with as many car-based CUVs as there are these days, the idea of another rugged SUV sounds good to us.

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