The key feature of Google Glass is that it basically puts an Android smartphone on users' heads, allowing them hands-free operation of many smartphone features, including web browsing, phone calls, texting and navigation. A small heads-up display rests directly above the right eye, making it seem like a match made in heaven for drivers, who could use Glass without taking their hands off the wheel. But lawmakers already are planning to ban the device from being used while driving before it has even been released to the general public, Engadget reports.

A UK Department for Transportation official told Stuff that it is "in discussion with the police to ensure that individuals do not use this technology while driving." Similarly, as Gizmodo reports, West Virginia House of Delegates member Gary G. Howell has said he thinks the technology would be just as problematic as texting while driving and is introducing a bill to ban Google Glass from being used on the roads in that state.

Glass has been tested while riding a motorcycle with mixed results, and there's even an application in development for Tesla Model S owners, but it could all be for naught if Big Brother says no. Do you think using Google Glass should be prohibited while driving? Sound off in the poll below.

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